Windows Start Up Problem fix

Tried to start computer but it is not starting? You can see blinking cursor on it.

It might not be a big problem as you are thinking. Your widows start up file are either corrupted or deleted by accident.

Solution for such problem is not that difficult. Just you need is Windows System DVD or image file. Restart the system with DVD in DVD ROM. Press F2 (Most of the laptops have F2) to enter into boot options. Go to Boot Tab. Set the Optical Device as first boot priority. Save the settings and Restart system. Now press enter when system shows “Press Enter to Boot From CD or DVD…” ¬†Go to Repair option at the bottom left of the screen.

It will redirect to the the screen with different option just click on the Repair Start Up files Option. System will repair the start up files & will show the message that files are successfully repaired. If not you might have to go with another option.

Hence, by such simple steps system start up files will be repaired and you can enjoy using your computer.